Dale Ison Heroes

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Dale Ison Part2

Dale Ison Part2

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Dale Ison's awesome "Heroes" truck

Dale Ison's Heroes truck

This truck is absolutely awesome! It has got to be seen to be believed. The detail that Micky Harris put into the paint is incredible. You can easily see where the 2000 plus hours that was spent on the paint job went. I believe I heard Dale say that he has over $650,000 in the truck. There is over $60,000 in the engine alone, that should get it in the trailer just fine. I wish I could have taken some better pictures but understandably this truck always had a crowd around it, can you blame them?

We were fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time talking with the owner Dale Ison and also with the artist Micky Harris.  All of the pictures were shot with a Canon digtal Rebel. Most pictures used the stock 18 - 55mm lens but some were done with my fish eye.  Browse this page and my next page for some pictures of this awesome truck.

Doug with owner Dale Ison

Micky Harris the artist

Inside thru the fish eye

Check out more pictures here

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